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Treating Cancerous Diseases

“Cancer” is not synonym to death. Cancer can be fought and even cured using a complex and multi-faceted system of treatment, using a method which combines conventional medicine and complementary medicine, (also known as “alternative medicine” or “non-conventional”). Tremendous spiritual strength is needed to fight the disease and defeat it. With a powerful will, with the support of a medical team, with involvement and determination, there is a chance of recovery from this ailment. read more

About Nutrition

Nutrition reciprocates between food and body's needs

One of the leading auxiliary methods of preventing and treating diseases is by means of correct nutrition.

It is known that there is no one ideal nutrition regime that suits everyone.There are significant differences in terms and quantities,concentration levels,and the appropriate composition for different people with different ailment and of course with different lifestyles. read more


Developing a personal support role

To be a support person one must be ACTIVE not PASSIVE – more then a cup of tea and pat on the shoulder with a "you'll be all right dear" is needed! There is a need to demonstrate positivist with sincerity, enthusiasm and unconditional love. Be sensitive to the patient's needs and strive to meet them.

Cancer teatment based upon principles of natural medicine


We can take advantage of the healing powers within ourselves and combine them with conventional medical treatment; This way we bestow ourselves with a greater chance for recovery, longer life expectancy and a richer quality of life.


Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants,it is similar to the blood hemoglobin chemical structure the chlor.


Bromelain is the protein digesting enzyme found in the pineapple ,as well as it has anti-inflamatory action,the enzyme is cysteine protease or proteolytic enzyme.


Chlorella is a green food supplement rich in protein, chlorophyll and carotenoids.


Colostrum is a liquid secreted by mammary gland during the first few days after giving birth.

DHEA as a Dietary supplement

Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA) is a hormone that produced by the adrenal gland. in the body is converted into testosterone(male hormone)androstenedione and estrogen (female hormone),in aging patient from the age of 30 we have decline of it up to age of 70-75.

Borage oil

Borage oil is derived from the plant Borago officinalis, contains high concentration of gamma Linoleic acid (GLA) which is essential to life.

Dr.Gideon Earon

Dr. Gideon Earon, born in Tel Aviv, is a qualified MD and ND who from the very outset of his career as a conventional doctor has been employing alternative medical methods in his work - including homeopathy, pytotherapy, and nutrition. Dr. Earon is a lecturer and teacher in these fields and provides his services in scientific, professional and popular forums in Israel and abroad.

He is a member of the European Homeopatia Universalis organization and of the US Naturopathic Medical Association. He published a number of research papers in the field of herbal remedies and their clinical application with patients, and is one of the leading practitioners integrating conventional and complementary medical methods.

Dr. Earon is the author of a number of books: Homeopathy In Theory and Practice, OR AM (1990), Cancer Treatments Based Upon Principles of Natural Medicine, Yedioth Ahronoth (1997) and Healing with Herbs, Prolog (1999).

Dr. Earon collaborates with practitioners from all areas of medicine, in both the private and public sectors.

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