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General About Nutrition

Nutrition reciprocates between food and body's needs

One of the leading auxiliary methods of preventing and treating diseases is by means of correct nutrition.

It is known that there is no one ideal nutrition regime that suits everyone.There are significant differences in terms and quantities,concentration levels,and the appropriate composition for different people with different ailment and of course with different lifestyles.

In the modern era,In which the stress,incorrect lifestyle and the use of processed,preserved and distilled foods have a detrimental effect on our health,guidance is required to point people in the direction of healthy,natural food,free of chemicals and environmental pollution. Matching a diet to a person's individual needs is a great importance ,as are the addition of correct items of food and Vitamins,Minerals,Amino acids,and special food products which are essential for correct functioning of the body.

Correct nutrition must bepart of a life philosophy of healthy person and the sick ,while addressing the person's condition:age, climate,in Awhich he or she lives,and the geographical location of the person's place of residence and his or her social status.