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Pectin is wonderful to absorb toxins

Pectin is a product obtained from a dilute acid extract from apple or citrus fruit,The pectin has  a great ability to absorb toxins from the body and pass them out through the is very effective in digestive disturbance and antidiarrhetic.

The relaxing herb Avena sativa

Simple herb with high quality for daily use as stimulating nervine, relax nervous irritation. use for  hysteria,insomnia,Neuroastenia,and neuroses as well as in Anxiety. In nervous exhaustion and debility generaly and in Chronic disease.

Allium sativum the Nature"s antibiotic

Garlic-Allium sativum is a great antimicrobials and anti parazites. it is effective on Respiratory;Digestive and Urinary tract .it stimulates the pancreatic digestive enzymes,as well as the insulin production so it is useful for Diabetes mellitus patients.It is immune boosting ,cholesterol lowering,anti tumour effect, hypotensive ,circulatory and digestive stimulant.