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Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are not the only cancer treatments

Integrative medicine for cancer become more and more popular and show improvment for the cancer patient situation and wellbeing,Agrowing number of clinicians now believe that nontradtional methods might be with high benefit to the patient.In my personal expirience of 30 years of treating cancer patients I can see that the non toxic therapies are great way to help resolve the suffering due to the treatments, boosting the immune system, and reducing many of the side effects from the toxic therapies. we need coolaboration with the conventional medical therapists and to go hand by hand. because we need the best result to the sick person.Nutrition,herbal medicine,biological, psicological support as well as cinease,Indian and other traditional methods can be with great benefit.



Mistletoe -Viscum album for cancer disease

in 1920 Mr Rudolf steiner from Arlesheim Switzerland was first to treat people with Iscador which was made from Mistletoe and even it was not scientific some cases showed success in healing and improving the patients situation,He developed the Anthroposophy system in which he involved mind body and spirit in treating patients. The use of different products of Iscador or other mistletoe as to  be done by experts supervision and in established clinics and MD Dr. offices, mainly it is non toxic treatment, but the leaves and berries can be poisonous, and should never be eaten.

General about Cancer


“Cancer” is not synonym to death. Cancer can be fought and even cured using a complex and multi-faceted system of treatment, using a method which combines conventional medicine and complementary medicine, (also known as “alternative medicine” or “non-conventional”). Tremendous spiritual strength is needed to fight the disease and defeat it. With a powerful will, with the support of a medical team, with involvement and determination, there is a chance of recovery from this ailment.

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