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General about Cancer


“Cancer” is not synonym to death. Cancer can be fought and even cured using a complex and multi-faceted system of treatment, using a method which combines conventional medicine and complementary medicine, (also known as “alternative medicine” or “non-conventional”). Tremendous spiritual strength is needed to fight the disease and defeat it. With a powerful will, with the support of a medical team, with involvement and determination, there is a chance of recovery from this ailment.

“Non-conventional” medicine has been subject to sharp criticism for many years and failed to gain the confidence of the general public and of professionals.
This method - which is also known as “alternative medicine,” non-toxic, holistic or natural medicine - is sometimes practiced by persons who are not trained or qualified to do so and they cause serious harm to patients and to the method as a whole.

In my clinic, I practice a method of treatment for cancer patients through the application of a new and modern approach which combines conventional medicine with natural healing methods.

The delicate and complex area of treating cancer patients requires appropriate professional expertise, a high level of sensitivity and cooperation between the “natural” healer and the patient, the family and the medical team.
Alternative medicine is not meant to replace chemical treatment (chemotherapy) and/or radiation treatment. It is a complementary medicine, designed to relieve the great suffering of the cancer patient while providing individual attention to each patient and his or her strong desire to improve the quality of their lives.

Most people turn to alternative medicine as an auxiliary means, as an additional route to conventional treatment. It is worth remembering that the methods should be combined and not replace one another.

Non-toxic treatment can be a moderating factor and is designed for high-risk groups, for patients looking to strengthen their immune systems, or to prevent a recurrence of the ailment.
The treatments have been successfully tried and tested in medical centers in Europe, in the U.S.A. and other parts of the world and have been found to be extremely beneficial and helpful. Today they are an inseparable part of the system of treating cancer patients who wish to improve the quality of their lives.

Cancer patients need to be in a relaxed and calm environment in order to regain full harmony, together with movement and a balanced and natural diet, and in a supportive environment which will help the patient muster the strength required to fight the disease.

A unique and individually tailored program is devised for each patient comprising the full range of treatments provided by the clinic.

• Various diagnostic methods, including the use of VEGA-TEST-EAV apparatus.
• Laboratory tests.
• Homeopathy.
• Phytotherapy Herbal remedies.
• Treatment of pain including laser treatment.
• Treatment using pills and injections to strengthen the immune system.
• Infusion treatment to strengthen the body, including vitamin infusions.
• Oxygen treatment.
• Infrared treatment.
• UV treatment.
• Treatment with short waves - for hypophysis and the spleen, according to the Shliphake method.
• Chelation treatment.
• Bio-beam – red light treatment for unhealed wounds and skin raoliation damage.
• Optimum nutritional guidelines tailored to the individual patient’s needs, designed to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system, balance the metabolism and prevent disease.
• Reference to a psychologist for a detailed discussion to assess the person’s individual and familial resources, and to provide instruction in thought patterns, feelings, expression and awareness.
• Somatostatin treatment.
• Support at the patient’s home.

In the future treatment will be provided using ozone and bioresonance treatment.
A special program will be devised and consultancy services provided for healthy people with a high risk of contracting growth diseases.