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Shilajit-Momio a Great medical plant

Shilajit,Momio,Mumie,Asphltum panjabinum is a plant use in the Ayurvedic medicine, In the traditional medicine was recommended for treatment of Anemia, Allergic reactions,Bronchial asthma,ulcers,liver diseases,gastro intestinal infections, Diabetes mellitus, Renal calculi,Psoriasis and Eczema,Epilepsy,Genito-urinary disorders and Geriatric problems.Shilajit has been found to be apotent adaptogen,and immuno-modulator.

After a long research and prespective we have today knowlege about Biological effects of the plant and it's medical and healing properties.that were evaluated by immunological and pharmacological screening.In the oriental and Indian medicine Shilajit-momio is used for several therapeutic purposes like: Diabetes mellitus, Stomack ulcer, bronchial asthma, wound healing,Psycogeriatrics, as apotent immuno -modulator,Rejuvenator,and male fertility.

From my expirience: I see improvement in several medical situations as not all of them with a seintific explanation some of them in resolving autoimmune diseases.
Further studies are necessary to explore the details by which Momio medical and Biological function.