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Phytotherapy as a mean of preventing and treating cancerous diseases

Phytotherapy as a mean of preventing and treating cancerous diseases

Dr. Earon Gideon M.D N.D Laboratory of Herbal medicine and Cancer research Tel-aviv Sourasky medical center.

"Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing"(Ezekiel 47,12)

Herbs have been used for healing purposes since time immemorial. Many of the most popular medical drugs in use today have a herbal base, as well as in the Oncology field Taxus brevifolia the origin for Taxol, Chatarantus (Vinca) Rosea as for Vincristin and Vinblastin,
Integrative Oncology is the field that combines conventional and natural medicine with the modern established. Using Herbs during Chemo and Radiotherapy can help the patient in different ways.
I will inform about some groups of medicinal herbs and their activities:
Herbs with preventive activity.
Herbs with Evidence base medicine activity.
Herbs with No evidence base medicine activity.
Fruits and vegetables .
Sea and pools Algae.
Herbs with high toxicity with high probability of side effects.

Treatment is provided by means of herb essences, pills. Creams and Ampoules for injection, with substances derived from healing herbs. All remedies are produced from herbs under strictly controlled conditions with regards to the quality of the material used. Their are some Formulas used in the folkloristic medicine like the Essiac tea and Hoxey tea which are not scientifically proved but testimonies say that they are good and helpful.

on 1990 was the first time that the office of Technology assessment Congress of united states determined the fields recommended to treat in oncology patients in integrative Oncology.

Herbal medicine was one of the main fields that can be used as well as Psychological and Behavioral treatment, Nutrition-Dietary, Immune system Therapy Pharmacological and biologic. Herbal Medicine is a scientific Medicine and can be used with scientific parameters.
Treatment must be carried out in controlled and tested manner while developing much thought to the patient his or her problems sensitivities and ability to take the medication Herbal treatments have been successfully tried and tested in medical centers around the world and have been found to be extremely beneficial and helpful. I call for collaboration and opening the gate to the medical authorities to help in clinical research and combining medicine.