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environmental causes of cancer

Environmental Causes of Cancer

In the past few years, cancer has become the second largest cause of death (after heart disease) in western countries as well as in Israel.

In Israel, the chance of contracting some type of cancer during their lifetime is between 35%-36% for both men and women.

In the USA this figure is 38% and in Japan it exceeds 50%! It is estimated that between half to two thirds of cancer cases result in death.

There are many disagreements among scientists with regard to the extent to which contracting cancer is related to environmental causes. According to the IARC, the International Organization for Cancer Research, (which is associated with the World Health Organization), approximately 80% or more is as a result of air pollution, water pollution, the presence of carcinogenic substances in the various food chains (including food products), ionized radiation, pesticides, insecticides cleaning products.
Over the past 30 years, more than 900 chemicals, chemical mixtures, radioactive substances and various metals have been classified as belonging to groups which may cause cancer.