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What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

Fibromyalgia it is a syndrome with collection of symptoms and conditions that shows the patient like having flu all the time with aches,pains,the aching muscle pain is accompanied by pain when pressure is applied to certain specific body areas. stiffness,headaches.

insomnia or disturbed sleep,inability to concentrate discomfort in all the body, some people feel depressed or anxious.among the Fibromyalgia suffers we find some who suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome,allergies,dizziness,restless leg syndrome,night cramps,viral infection,Digestive tract problems,premenstrual syndrome,panic attacks,Phobias , and some other symptoms in different organs without evidence of any Patology.It has been noted that some of the people start with the symptoms after Trauma or body injury.

A History of wide spread pain with specific pain in 11out of 18 Tender points sites when this are pressed with fingers can assure the Diagnosis Points in the Occipital region of the head the back,shoulders.Low back, Gluteus,elbow,knees.One of the main symptoms it is Dizziness and Fatigue which make us think very often about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.These are not the same Disease.In Naturopathic medicine and treatment with herbs and food supplements we can give a great relief to the suffering of the patient.

In my clinic I treat it with Phytotherapy includes capsules tinctures and injections,Soft Lazar and Infra red treatment and injections of arnica to the trigger points.with good response of the patients.