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General about anti aging

There is no doubt that the aging process is a natural process which follows the laws of nature, and we have no way of stopping it. The topic of aging has been dealt with by many scientists; the way in which this process occurs and what speeds it up, and more than anything else, what can slow down this process.

Everyone knows people who are “aging”: one looks younger than his or her age, and the other looks older than his age and yet another looks exactly his/her age.

During the last decades, life expectancy has risen in the west, due mainly to inroads made by modern medicine, and the increase in the standard and quality of life. Therefore the quality of aging forms the basis for treatment to delay the aging process.

The aging process embodies different changes over the various decades of life. Some are apparent to the eye and others are not visible, but can be discovered via laboratory tests, x-rays and various evaluations.

These changes are caused by changes in metabolism changes in the cell, in the tissue and in various systems and organs.
These changes take place in both physical and mental processes.
Changes in the body include loss of hair, both on the scalp and on the body, and sometimes increased hair in the area of the ears, the nostrils and the eyebrows, as well as changes in the colour of the hair to grey-white.

Decrease in muscle mass: the power of muscles decreases, and only regular sporting activities can partially protect the muscle mass.
Reduction in bone strength and mass; a noticeable decrease in bone density in post-menopausal females, and a decrease in hormonal activity.
Decrease in the function of the heart: diminished ability to run and perform strenuous physical activities such as those that were possible at a younger age. The blood flow slows down and is weaker, due to the atherosclerosis process – which everyone experiences. To all these we need to add the nutritional, environmental and personal risk factors which all increase the aging process.

Additional systems which are affected with age are: the digestive system whose action decreases until it shuts down completely, sight and hearing, and of course the decrease in sexual functioning which is so very important for physical and mental health: desire decreases, and sexual stimulus becomes slower and weaker.
In addition, we also come across several diseases which are related to old age such as elevated blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s. If we add to all these insomnia, and decreased quality of life, it then becomes obvious that we would want to do whatever we can to delay the onset of these processes, and to age with grace, actively, optimistically with a smile on our faces, while maintaining our memory and the ability to perform complex mental activities.

While keeping track of professional literature for many years, congresses, scientific meetings and exchanging opinions with professionals in this field, I reached a number of conclusions and some of the secrets of delaying the aging process. I will share these secrets with you, provide explanations and ideas on how to improve things, how to age in a better fashion, and how to increase the gap between chronological and biological age.